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13 June 2012

Inauguration of the first two PV plants installed by Exalto Building within the “Eternit Free” campaign.

On June 9ththe first PV plant with asbestos removal of “Eternit Free”, promoted by AzzeroCO2 and Legambiente, took place at Vibrocementi factory in Aquila.

The first action (15000 square meters of asbestos removed and 837 kW of PV installed) took place in an area which was hit by an earthquake in 2009.

The PV system installed on 4 different roofs was made thanks to the collaboration of AzzeroCO2 and Exalto and uses amorphous silicon panels produced by Hanergy, the largest private Chinese corporation in the green energies field.

Due to the severe price reduction of modules, only 25 % of the total cost of the project is related to goods imported from China.

The event saw the participation, among others, of Gianni Silvestrini President of Exalto, Mario Gamberale CEO of Azzero CO2, Roberto Riga Vice Mayor of L’Aquila, Fabio Spinosa Pingue President of Confindustria L’Aquila, Stefano Ciafani Vice President of Legambiente, Zhou Xian Vice President Hanergy Europe, and representatives of the Bank of China.